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 March 2005 

Pre and Post-Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I spent the week before the holiday in Raleigh playing with my three-year old granddaughter, Madison. What fun! She now calls me Grammy Gram, instead of just Grammy. :-) As usual, she followed me around, wanting to put on my red lipstick and playing with my small red jewelry box that I travel with. We listened to Adiemus "Vocalise" (my fave CD right now) and sung and danced to #5-"Dona Nobis Pacem Part II" which sounds more like "Ka-chink" rather than "Pacem." So that's how we sing it--"Ka-chink!" I told Madison we were "buds" and we sure are! Just when you can't imagine loving any child as much as your own flesh-and-blood, along comes a grandchild and life is so rich, so full, and so good!

I also cooked a pretty swell dinner in Raleigh at Nancy's house (my sister): Chicken picata, roasted veggies and smashed taters. Pre-dinner Cosmopolitans and post-dinner chocolate brownies topped it off! I went with Kelly (our pregnant daughter and Madison's mother) to the doctor and heard the baby's heartbeat! Sweet! How blessed are we. Met new friends, Brenda and Jo and hung out with Bethany and Linda. Can't wait to see them all again! It was tons of fun seeing Chuck (Kelly's husband), Huck and Heather (engaged), Lindsay, Barbara and Keith.

Katie (our youngest daughter) played flute for the program "Requiem" at St. Paul's United Methodist Church on Good Friday. The entire performance was outstanding! Easter here was rainy and cool; but our church was full (First United Methodist Church, where we are members). God bless us everyone! Then Russell, Katie and I enjoyed a very nice lunch out; followed by Katie returning to USC.

Remember to live, laugh and love always!

    Ann Ipock

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