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 Life Is Short, So Read This Fast 
Life Is Short, So Read This Fast by Ann Ipock, 2010
ISBN: 0-9676079-2-4

"Ann Ipock launched a signature collection of books that has wowed us ever since. She has successfully merged the amusing and the intellectual. Although her work includes quirky details, each book is as elegantly tailored as any fashion show outfit that made it down the runway."
—Nancy Rhyne, author of Low Country Voices
"Ann Ipock is a leading authority on the fabulous dynamics of FROU (Females Rule Our Universe). Zany and wise, she leads us from the wondrous world of FROU to “Family Zoo and Pesky Relatives,” “Accidents and Sheer Wonders” and much, much more. Life Is Short, So Read This Fast and marvel!"
—Elizabeth Robertson Huntsinger Wolf, author of Ghosts of Georgetown
"Life is Short, So Read This Fast is a laugh-out-loud tribute to those things we Southern girls hold dear: good breeding, good friends, good food, and good gossip! Bless her heart, Ann Ipock celebrates our idiosyncrasies and paints them with pride."
—Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, author of Dancing with My Daughter
"From a touching meditation on the kitchen table to a long chuckle at Doctor Barbie Doll’s expense, Ann celebrates daily life as if it’s the parade she once enjoyed aboard the FROU-float–and as if we should join her in waving."
—Randall A. Wells, author of Swamp, Strand, & Steamboat (Voices of Horry County, South Carolina)
"Yo, readers! Ann Ipock's hilarious stories are just the ticket for a fast departure from the worries of the world. You'll find yourself grinning, identifying and commiserating. The woman can tell a tale in the most delightful way. I'm a huge Ipock fan!"
—Beth Beth Boswell Jacks, editor of and author of SNIPPETS I and II 
"Life is Short, So Read This Fast! will have you nodding your head in agreement as you laugh out loud at what makes Southern Belles the charmers at parties and Steel Magnolias at managing their families and the community at large."
—Joyce Dixon, Southern Scribe 
"Ann Ipock is Southern.  And for us Southerner’s, we appreciate a good story.  Ann is a gifted writer whose stories spark reaction, recall and relaxation.  Her humor is contagious, always putting a smile on your face and provoking laughter. You swear sometimes she’s writing about your life experiences, and that’s what makes Ann the best at what she does….writing, Southern style."
—Dwight E. McKenzie, president and publisher of Georgetown Times
"Amazing!  How does she keep coming up with these humorous anecdotes on the events of our daily lives?  Ann Ipock is truly a talented, humorous writer that will entertain you and put a smile on your face."
—Delores Blount, publisher of Strand Media Group, Inc. (Sasee Magazine)
"Once again, highly entertaining!"
—Greg Everett, publisher of Myrtle Beach Herald
"Ann Ipock's talent for writing laugh-out-loud stories about family and everyday life is in a class by itself — a true Southern treasure. Quirky and real (you can't make this stuff up!), they're a colorful collage of humorous observations that make me wish she lived right next door."
—Kristy S. Johnson, publisher and editor-in-chief of Columbia County Magazine
"If it's deep-fried and got sugar in it, it's genuinely southern.  So's Ann Ipock.  Her observations and love of  Southern life are charming, comforting and downright comical."
—Beth Polson, The Polson Company, author and executive producer of TV movies, including “The Christmas Box” and “Go Toward the Light”
"Ann's stories are always out of the box because Ann lives out of the box. You'll view life differently after reading [this]. She's Southernly sassy, and her sincerity and charm are outshined only by her wit!"
—Diane DeVaughn Stokes, TV Host of “Southern Style”

    Ann Ipock

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